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Outpatient Management

Outpatient ManagementInbuilt Queue Management

The outpatient management system is designed with simplicity and cornered around multimedia integration inorder to assist patients in a better way. Aadhar is integrated in OP registration as per Goverment mandates.

Inpatient Management

Inpatient ManagementFully fledged ADT System

Grapes inpatient management system is not confined to mere Admission, Transfer and Discharge. But it is also tighly binded with the Inpatient EMR which facilitates better patient handling in IP.

Bed Management

Bed ManagementWith linked Housekeeping

Status of a bed is provided in the master itself. Simple graphical user interface is provided to inorder to get information at a glance. A bed becomes available only when the housekeeping department mark it as cleaned.

Fully Automated Pharmacy Billing.

Manual, Semi-automated and Fully automated billing modes

Choose a Patient.

Enter the MR number of the patient in the provided field.


Select a Prescription.

Prescriptions from the CPOE module will be listed on the side. Select one.


Save the Bill.

Bill will be generated automatically. Click to Save and Print.

Laboratory Management

Laboratory ManagementLinked with billing

System is directly connected to billing. Sample barcoding is one of the specialities. Low and high value alerts are provided.


Radiology ManagementWith Inbuilt Reporting

Radiology and other imaging module is integrated to the PACS. Word templated reporting is provided in this module. The use can set predefined report formats and use them.

Medical Records

Medical RecordsWith EMR Support

Even though we promote EMR and paperless concept, a supporting module is provided for the hospitals who need to use paper records.

Nursing Station

Nursing Station ManagementA Paperless Implementation

A completely paperless nursing station module with the provision for templated case sheet is available. Live patient status and billing statuses will be displayed for the information of the nurses.

Operation Theater Management

Operation Theater ManagementEMR Linked

Doctors and nurses can pre-schedule surgeries. This schedule will be populated as the surgery list in theater module. All of the EMR components are also linked in this module.

Store And Purchase

Store & PurchaseComplete Material Management

This module is fully automated from the purchase request generation, purchase order generation, approval and GRN entry. There are multiple points of authentication and approval. Re-Order level can be automatically assigned.

Powerful insights to help grow your instituition.

MIS Reports let you easily track and analyze your hospital services, sales, and payments.

Different types of MIS reports are provided to completely analyse each and every cash points. Tabular and Graphical reports are accurate and well defined. All MIS reports are accessible from a single point. A special dashboard is also provided for Administrators, which can even be connected to a Television screen. Live status will be updated in this Dashboard.

Billing reports and Accounting reports are provided separately. A cashier, an Accountant and a Manager can simply do their assesments with the help of Grapes. Tabulation works need not be taken manually. Exports are provided in all the reports. Doctorwise-Counterwise-Daywise and all sorts of categorisations are there inbuilt in the system.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource ManagementWith Duty & Leave Management

Biometric attendance devices can be directly connected to Grapes. Duty rosters and leave management can be done based on the data from the biometric devices.


PayrollFully Automated

Payroll settings are dynamic in nature. Allowances and deductions can be configured in the software. It will work co-ordinating with the integrated biometric attendace system like eSSL.

Blood Bank

Blood BankLinked with Laboratory

All the reports mandated by Goverment are readily available. Check list is dynamic and the user can add his own questions to the list of predefined questions.


AccountsIntegrated with HMS

A complete ERP solution is provided in GAccounts. The speciality is HMS integration. Hospital income ledgers and purchase ledgers will be autopopulated from the corresponding sum from HMS.

Reagent Management

Reagent ManagementLinked to Laboratory

Reagent purchase and allocation is provided. Purchase reagents can be assigned to multiple tests. While billing the lab tests, appropriate amounts of the reagents will be deducted from the stock.


Asset ManagementLinked with Accounts

Asset management system is also integrated to the hospital management system. Asset barcoding and categorisation are available. Movement and depreciation can be marked.

Fully Automated Laboratory with Interfacing.

Inhouse Interfacing with HL7 support

Make the Bill.

Prepare the bill first to ensure the payment.


Generate barcode.

Generate departmentwise barcodes using the prepared bill.


Print Result.

Tests will be done and Results will be transferred to the system from the machines using Grapes LIS.

Insurance And Cashless Management

Insurance & ManagementLinked to Inpatient Module

This module is integrated to the inpatient management module. Reports of the patients admitted under different insurance companies can be taken separately. Various options are provided to take detailed bills.


PACSServer & Multiple Viewers

A compact PACS server and two different viewers are available. The use can choose between the two viewers at runtime as per their comfort.

Multimedia Integration

Multimedia IntegrationThrough out the system

Multimedia integration is everywhere. From reception counter to OPD`s, billing counters, operation theaters and even in front of the dialysis room. Patients, staff and administrators can get more information by this facility.


SMS IntegrationLinked to All Modules

SMS outputs can be generated from most of the windows. While registration, billing and report generation, SMS can be sent to the patient with relevant information.


Dialysis ManagementAutomated Reports

Complete dialysis management module is available. Dialysis schedules can be prepared early and can be fed to the system. Vital signs and dialysis registers can be maintained in the system itself.

Mobile Application

Mobile ApplicationFor Android

Mobile applications are available for doctors, nurses and administrators to do their job on the go.

Advanced statistics.

The statistics provided are exemplary.

There are a number of statistics related to outpatient and inpatient flow. Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly statistics are available. Agewise, Genderwise and even Placewise statistics are a speciality of Grapes.

There are statistics that are designed especially for Medical Colleges who occasionally face inspections from different goverment authorities. These will help to provide the answers required for all their queries.

Not only for medical records but also for measuring the growth of an organisation. The statistics are developed with such as intention that will help the institutions multifaced growth. Due to the availability of detailed tracking, every single point of growth will be marked in Grapes.

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