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Sivagiri Sree Narayana Medical Mission Hospital, Varkkala

Doctor Shaji has been using Grapes EMR for the past 2 years. Listen to him to know more about the hospital transformation after Grapes implementation.

Dr.Renu Chandran

Prathibha Hospital, Kollam

Doctor Renu Chandran has been using Grapes HMS at his hospital for more than 8 years. Now he has started using Grapes EMR. All of his OP is now handled using EMR. Paper files have been completely avoided.

Dr.Rachel Daniel

NS Co-operative Hospital, Kollam

Doctor Rachel Daniel has been using Grapes EMR for the past 2 years. She is working as a cardiologist in NS Hospital, Kollam. She was handling around 150 patients per day. She used to finish the OP by 3PM before grapes. But, now it is reduced by 2 hours.

Shri.Madhavan Pilai

President, NS Co-operative Hospital, Kollam

Shri.Madhavan Pillai has been using Grapes for almost 5 year at NS Hospital. Grapes has revolutionised the functioning of NS hospital. Patient Queue management is now fully managed by Grapes.