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The Outpatient Management System is a user-friendly software solution centered around multimedia integration, aimed at providing enhanced assistance to patients.It simplifies various processes and ensures seamless integration of multimedia elements. Moreover, in adherence to government mandates, the system incorporates Aadhar integration into OP registration.


The Grapes Inpatient Management System goes beyond the basic functions of Admission, Transfer, and Discharge. It is tightly integrated with the Inpatient Electronic Medical Records (EMR), enabling enhanced patient handling within the inpatient setting.This comprehensive system ensures seamless access to patient information and facilitates efficient care coordination.


The Patient Flow Management System efficiently coordinates the placement and movement of patients within a hospital or healthcare facility to optimize the utilization of available beds and resources.By automating and streamlining the patient flow process, it ensures timely admissions, transfers, and discharges, reducing wait times and improving bed occupancy rates.


The Laboratory Management provides robust oversight of laboratory operations, encompassing tasks such as managing lab tests, experiments, and scientific procedures. It enables efficient equipment maintenance, ensures adherence to safety protocols, and promotes quality control.This software boosts workflow efficiency and offers a secure solution for streamlined laboratory management.


The Radiology Management enables efficient oversight of operations within a radiology department in healthcare facilities, including hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers.It facilitates streamlined scheduling and tracking of diagnostic imaging tests, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans. This software ensures timely and accurate image handling, improving workflow efficiency.


The Nursing Station Management provides comprehensive oversight of operations within a healthcare facility's nursing station. It facilitates efficient coordination of patient care activities, including patient admissions, assessments and medication administration.This module ensures seamless communication and collaboration among nursing staff and enhances workflow efficiency.


The Operation Theater Management provides comprehensive oversight of surgical suite operations within a healthcare facility. It facilitates efficient scheduling of surgical procedures, manages equipment and resources, and ensures proper patient details documentation.Our software optimizes workflow efficiency, and promotes patient safety and efficient surgical procedures.


The Human Resource Management (HRM) module provides a comprehensive solution for managing an organization's workforce. It encompasses functionalities such as streamlined recruitment processes, efficient training and development modules, automated compensation and benefits administration and performance evaluation tools. Our software streamlines HR operations and aids organizational management.


Blood Bank Management module efficiently administers, coordinates, and supervises blood bank facilities. It handles inventory, donor registration, blood testing, component processing, and transfusion tracking.Our software ensures compliance, enhances traceability, optimizes blood product utilization, and promotes patient safety.


In Accounting Management module oversees transactions, records, budgeting, accounting, invoicing, reporting, and analysis. It ensures stability and growth by optimizing cash flow, managing expenses and monitoring performance.With a user-friendly interface and robust features, it facilitates effective financial management and long-term financial health.


The Insurance Management module enables efficient management and maintenance of insurance policies and coverage for organizations. It encompasses functionalities such as policy administration, premium calculations, claims processing, policy renewals, and risk assessment.Our software streamlines insurance operations, improves accuracy in policy management and facilitates timely claims settlement.


The Dialysis Management module facilitates the comprehensive management and delivery of dialysis treatments to patients with kidney disease.It encompasses functionalities for scheduling treatments, monitoring vital signs, documenting patient data, and tracking dialysis machine performance. This software ensures accurate medication administration and optimizes treatment efficiency.


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smart healthcare management system

Health Care Search Engine

Healthcare Management Software

We are thrilled to introduce G-Search, the ultimate search engine designed specifically for health care professionals, researchers, and individuals seeking reliable and up-to-date medical information. With G-Search, we aim to revolutionize the way you access and explore health-related content by providing a powerful and user-friendly platform tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive Medical Database

Advanced Search Capabilities

Natural Language Processing instantly in the app when it is ready.

Personalized Recommendations

Collaborative Tools

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Secure and Private

smart healthcare management system

Health Care Management Information

Healthcare Management Software

We are thrilled to introduce the Cockpit,a revolutionary graphical representation of hospital operations.This innovative tool focuses on revenue generation and the procurement of goods and services essential for patient care.With its user-friendly interface and insightful analytics, it transforms the way hospitals optimize their operations and drive efficient resource allocation. Experience the power of the Cockpit and unlock new possibilities for enhancing hospital performance and delivering exceptional patient care.

Graphical representation of Hospital data Analytics.

Focus on revenue generation.

Data-driven decision-making.

User-friendly interface.

Enhancing hospital performance

Empowering data analysis.

Drive operational efficiency.

smart healthcare management system

Alert calling system for Hospital operations.

Healthcare Management Software

We are thrilled to introduce G-Call, it is a well-designed alert calling system that is specifically designed to ensure the seamless functioning of hospital operations departments. The system provides quick and efficient alert calls for attendants, housekeeping staff, and security personnel within hospitals. Additionally, GCall also provides emergency alert notifications, which are critical in ensuring that medical emergencies are responded to promptly and appropriately.

Alert call for Attender's, House Keeping and securities in Hospitals.

Emergency Alert notifications in Hospitals.

smart healthcare management system

Office File Management Syatem

Healthcare Management Software

Introducing G-Office, your office's document management revolution! Go paperless and transform your file system. Upload files effortlessly, stay organized, and collaborate seamlessly with colleagues. Approve or reject files with a single click, simplifying your workflow. Access documents from any device with real-time synchronization. Trust in secure, encrypted data storage. Step into a more efficient future – digitize your office with Goffice today!

Conveniently upload files directly from your device.

Organize files for swift and efficient searches.

Easily share files with your colleagues.

Add comments and annotations to your documents.

Access your files from any device, anywhere.

Keep your files up to date with real-time synchronization.

Your data is protected with top-notch encryption.

Approve or reject files effortlessly, optimizing your operations.

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